Uganda: Makerere University Evicts Kiosks, Says They Are a Threat to Security

Business owners who were recently evicted from operating inside Makerere University have called on the University’s administration to rescind its decision, saying the eviction is illegal.

This comes after the University threw out hundreds of businesses from its premises on grounds that they were operating illegally and posed a threat to the institution’s security.

These are some of the many kiosks, shops and restaurants that have been massively closed by the Makerere University administration.

Littered outside some of the closed shops, the debris from damaged equipment like photocopying machines and cartridges signals the abrupt evictions that the shop owners faced on Friday.

In a statement on the matter, Makerere University Dean of Students, Winfred Kabumbuli says the affected businesses were operating illegally and posed a security threat.

Although the University’s statement cites a court order, the affected business owners say their representative body, the Makerere University Business Owners Association, had appealed against a ruling evicting them.

The shop owners also question why the university has been accepting their rent and payment for utilities, if indeed they were operating illegally.

Meanwhile, some students have expressed fear that the remaining shops could develop monopolistic tendencies.


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