Uganda to Celebrate International Men’s Day On November 30

International Men’s Day is globally celebrated on November 19 to celebrate men and also highlight pertinent issues that affect them including their health.

Uganda will, however, commemorate the International Men’s Day celebrations on November 30, at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds under the theme, Celebrating Men’s Leadership for Health and Economically Empowered Families.

This year’s celebrations are geared towards creating awareness of the importance of seeking health services and early checkups. Reports indicate that men are not up to speed as compared to women in seeking health services which is why more men are succumbing to communicable and non-communicable diseases compared to women.

Uganda’s life expectancy at birth is higher than for women being at 66 years compared to the 63 years for the men.

Furthermore, sensitisation is intended to be done about Gender-Based Violence because they are stakeholders and also due to the multiple implications that stem from GBV.

Recent reports further state that Gender Based Violence costs UGX 77 billion a year.

The growing trend of infertility has also informed the need to raise awareness about the available facilities and treatments.

Fathers further play a vital role in the strengthening and quality of the family unit yet 56% of children in Uganda do not receive a father’s love with others not knowing their fathers in detail. “Strong family institutions contribute to the strong states.”

Speaking at the Weekly Security Presser, Mondo Kyateka, Commissioner for Youth and Children said that the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development is coming up with a National Family Policy and is also promoting parenting guidelines to ensure that people who do not know how to parent, learn.

They are further looking into reviving community-based engagements such as Ekyoto countrywide to reinforce their efforts in instilling family values. This year’s celebrations will also see other participants such as Uganda Police, private sector players, and media, among others.


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