Nigeria: MDC23 – Three Innovations Win $1,900 At CJID’s Conference

The winning entry, GrinMesh was presented with a $1,000 cash prize while the first and second runners-up, Trakkem and ProcureBot got $500 and $400 respectively.

The Centre for Journalism Innovation and Development (CJID) and the Centre for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) have presented $1,900 cash prizes to the winners of its civic tech competition.

The competition was organised through CJID’s social accountability project, Udeme, with support from the CIPE.

The three winning innovations were announced on Tuesday at the CJID’s Media and Development Conference in Abuja.

Speaking, CJID’s head of Innovation, Monsur Hussain, said the initiative aims to encourage innovation and promote positive changes in Africa’s economic landscape.

CJID’s Director of Programmes, Akintunde Babatunde, said the organisation would also help incubate the ideas to help them grow beyond the ideation level.

The Deputy Director, Accountability, at the CJID, Mboho Eno, said the cash prizes will serve as an incentive for continued development and wider adoption of the tech tools.

“The competition aims to foster innovation and collaboration among organisations utilising technology tools to enhance transparency and accountability of foreign investments in Africa. By incentivising the development and deployment of cutting-edge tech solutions, we can contribute to more responsible and sustainable practices in the region,” he said.

Winning entries

The winning entry, GrinMesh, was presented with $1,000 while the first and second runners-up, Trakkem and ProcureBot got $500 and $400 respectively.

GrinMesh is a web app that leverages geospatial technology to highlight hotspots for suitable siting of Green Energy plants as well as siting of green businesses. It analyses geodata to provide these hot-spot insights across Nigeria, thereby connecting interested foreign investors to local businesses in the green sector.

Meanwhile, Trakkem is a platform designed to enhance transparency and accountability in foreign investments within Africa’s agricultural sector. It addresses the critical challenges faced by investors, farmers, and agro-industries in the region, such as a lack of transparency, an accountability gap, and sustainability concerns.

ProcureBot is a platform that delivers a fresh and innovative approach to FDI, that emphasises transparency and efficiency and empowers investors to make ethical and sustainable choices. ProcureBot helps investors find the perfect investment solution.

Media Development Conference

The ongoing CJID media development conference has drawn at least 250 delegates to Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja from within and outside the country.

The delegates include journalists, media experts, technologists, academics, and policymakers.

The conference is tagged “Bridging Democracy, Development, Innovation, and Media Sustainability.”

The primary objective of the conference, according to CJID, is to create a robust platform for relevant media experts, donor agencies and policymakers to engage in a comprehensive dialogue on the state of media and democracy in West Africa.


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