Ethiopia: Premier Urges Citizens Not to Miss National Dialogue’s Opportunity

The Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has urged Ethiopians not to miss the National Dialogue opportunity since it provides immense benefits to address the current problems.

The premier made the remark while responding to the queries of MPs yesterday.

Apart from losing several opportunities to correct the political mistakes on various occasions during the past times, Ethiopia’s challenges have been piled up for many years, PM Abiy said adding that all fellow Ethiopians must effectively use the National Dialogue opportunity as much as possible.

He, moreover, underlined the importance of bringing balance to Ethiopians’ historical lenses since it seems to occupy citizens the most.

“What we seek to accomplish as nation requires clarity of thought and hard work on a daily basis. Although there are many issues contributing to our challenges, particularly negative narratives, do not build a nation. “

As to him, emotion ridden and conspiracy based problems analysis cannot help Ethiopians to achieve sustainable solutions. It rather pushes Ethiopians away further from the truth.

Taking about the existence of instability in some parts of the county, the premier said that the government has been thwarting continuously the attacks of those groups who aim to weaken this nation at every turn.

“Over the past years, the government has neither initiated nor planned any attacks against any group.”

On the occasion, he also expressed the government’s readiness to hold peace talks with any given party to ensure peace and stability across the country.

Regarding the status of country’s media outlets, he noted that the media practice in Ethiopia is only at the beginning stages and requires care.


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