Kenya: Pastrolist MPs Issue Ultimatum for Release of Former MCA Claiming Abduction

Nairobi — Pastoralists Parliamentary group are demanding the Inspector General Japhet Koome to release former South C MCA Osman Khalif whom they allege was abducted by security agencies.

led by Saku Member of Parliament Dido Rasso, they have issued a 24-hour ultimatum for the Former MCA to be produced.

The leaders claimed that Khalif disappeared six days ago saying he was abducted by armed men calling for the Khalif in court or issuing a public statement on what they are doing about his fate.

“So for that reason, they notice we give to the Inspector General of Police is for Osman colleagues to be produced in the next 24 hours and that in those 24 hours he must be brought before a competent judicial authority,” he said.

The leaders alleged security agencies are targeting members of a certain community in extra-judicial abductions, especially from the northern region counties.

Eldas MP Adan Keynan pointed out that if indeed Khalif committed a crime he should be subjected to the rule of law bashing the security agencies for handling the suspect in a barbaric and illegal manner.

“I want to ask whoever is holding that gentleman and he’s a prominent Kenya to follow the due process of law because there are two things as you investigate the crime you also committing crime,” he said.

The North Eastern leaders have now threatened to petition the president if the former MCA is not produced.

“It doesn’t make sense. It’s a fallacy that in the process of committing crime or preventing crime in court. Those are committing a worser crime these are things that must come to an end,” Rasso said.


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