Africa: Explanation of Vote Following the Adoption of a UN Security Council Resolution Renewing the Mandate of MINUSCA

Thank you, Mr. President. I would like to thank France for its balanced approach facilitating the renewal of this important mandate.

Colleagues, we voted in favor of this resolution because MINUSCA deserves this Council’s broad support for its work contributing to peace and security in the Central African Republic. Renewing its mandate reinforces the progress MINUSCA has made and empowers the mission to continue serving as a key partner for the government of the Central African Republic.

We also voted in favor because this resolution makes important progress in acknowledging the mission’s critical role supporting the extension of State authority. This task is essential to the advancement of peace and stability in CAR. We are pleased to support the CAR government’s request to elevate this task within the mandate.

We welcome the fact that this resolution calls upon all parties to create an environment in which MINUSCA can operate free of obstruction or interference, which includes combatting disinformation, hate speech, and threats to peacekeeper safety.

Finally, I would like to underscore this resolution’s call for the “timely” publication of the mission’s human rights report. Let me be clear that the United States understands “timely” to mean in advance of next year’s mandate negotiations and no later than October 15.

Colleagues, the United States strongly supports this resolution, and we remain committed to the Central African people and MINUSCA.

Thank you, Mr. President.



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