Ethiopia: Inclusivity Determinant of National Dialogue Outcomes – Academician

The fair participation of different actors in the National Dialogue would enable Ethiopia to conduct a trustworthy discussion that would resolve the longstanding contentious issues in a lasting manner, an academician said.

For the Ethiopian Civil Service University Leadership and Administration College Vice-Dean Mohammed Ali (PhD), a trustworthy discussion is a timely and significant measure to create a meaningful public consensus and ensure lasting peace and stability.

Mohammed told The Ethiopian Herald that paving the way to diverse points of view in the dialogue and the neutrality of participants are crucial to overcome the current and emerging problems in the country. “Most of today’s problems emanate from a malicious political system and wrong narratives that are passed from the past and the National Dialogue Commission (NDC) is expected to cover such issues widely.”

According to him, the involvement of people from all walks of lives and supporting the commission’s activities including agenda selection process in scientific research are something worthwhile. Due attention should also be given to include religious fathers, women associations and representatives of all nations and nationalities among other stakeholders.

“So far, the NDC has been selecting the agendas to be tabled for discussion and the participants should ready themselves to discharge responsibility in the process and lead the country to enduring peace and stability. In addition, the commission ought to utilize the society’s values and assets to achieve its mission.

The academician further advised the commission to equip its capacity with skilled professionals and other frontiers in a bid to address contentious issues that have been raised in different parts of the country. Political elites, activists and other actors are expected to forward constructive ideas and promote the public’s concerns.

NDC Chief Commissioner Prof. Mesfin Araya repeatedly expressed commitment to ensuring the inclusivity of the much-anticipated political discourse.


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