Ethiopia’s Bid to Gain Red Sea Access Serves Common Interest

Ethiopia’s quest for a Red Sea harbor based on ‘give and take’ policy would serve the common interests of all, so said a politician.

Speaking to the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), a renowned politician Aregawi Berhe (PhD) said that it is high time to Ethiopia and its neighbors to reinforce cooperation towards the security of the Red Sea.

He said: “Ethiopia’s bid to secure Sea port is a matter of growing together among/between countries.” According to Aregawi, since there are no causes that can potentially push people to get into the state of skirmish and antagonist scenario having lived together for long, change and growth would be at their palm if they are determined to boost collaboration.

As to him, because there are a range of unutilized resources and uncultivated acres of land in Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, they themselves and even the region can bring about real change through solidifying cooperation and unity.

“Ethiopia would never present sea port request by means of war, but its query over the Red Sea in a peaceful manner and amicable way for common affluence is a legitimate and quite acceptable one.”

He further stated that so long as the concern of sea port has been in the minds of the people, the Prime Minister’s bold move to get the issue publicly discussed is worth considering.

The subject raised in relation to the Sea Port will never lead countries into warfare unless one fails to understand circumstances and belittle the essence of common benefit and mutual advantage, he opined.

He said, of course, Ethiopia does have the right to question sea port and it needs to flow through a channel of peace and firm fraternity that can buttress mutual progress and shared advancement.

Remembering that Ethiopia had owned sea ports for many years in its history, law and proclamations promulgate that Ethiopia deserves sea port as per its big population and enormous landmass.

As the request for sea port is a matter of exercising right and peaceful move, he said, it has to be tabled on discussion; hence contending parties, civic associations, activists, among others, should partake in dealing with the substance.


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