Uganda: Speaker Among Hit Back At Critics Over Maternity Leave

Speaker of Parliament Anitah Annet Among has responded to criticism regarding her decision to return to work instead of taking maternity leave.

She emphasised that holding a position like hers does not prevent her from being a mother and hopes to inspire others with her example.

As a politician, she clarified that she is not a civil servant and therefore not bound by the same rules regarding maternity leave. If she is in good health, she believes it is her duty to serve her country.

In addition, Among mocked those who questioned her choice to give birth at a private hospital, stating that the private sector is meant to complement the government.

She criticised those on social media who claim to have all the knowledge and expertise, even though they may not have the qualifications.

She urged people to focus on living their lives to the fullest and appreciate the role of the private sector in supporting the government.

Addressing false rumors circulating on social media, Among confirmed that she gave birth to her twins in Uganda and encouraged trust in the local healthcare system.

She stressed the importance of public confidence in Uganda’s health sector and expressed her belief in the capabilities of the country’s medical professionals.


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