Ethiopia: Ministry Says Over 370 Industries Return to Operation

Ministry of Industry announced that over 370 industries have returned to their operation since government launched ‘ Let Ethiopia Produce’ campaign.

Discussing a number of issues with staff members, Industry State Minister, Hassan Mohammed said that the campaign ‘ Let Ethiopia Produce’ is being carried out via exerting coordinated efforts.

A national steering committee clustered under six categories is leading and supervising the campaign, he noted.

Executive members from different institutions are involving in the movement , he indicated.

Over the quarter a year period, production capacity of industries has registered 55.79 per cent from 46 per cent. The export revenue also has also hit 35 per cent growth compared to the same period last year, he said.

He also said that the ministry is employing further efforts of making all industries fully operational.

The10 year strategic plan,which has already been installed also allow different sectors to consider future opportunities of development. Programmes and projects which entered into operation are also progressing well, he indicated.

The Ethiopia produces and the 10 year strategic plan are highly anticipated to catalyse the manufacturing, leather and leather products, import substitution, according to the state minister.

Since Ethiopia has a plan of shifting its economy to industrial-led, the industrial sector, especially the manufacturing one needs more developments. So, the on-going progresses are a part of government’s plan.

In his latest briefing to members of the House of Peoples Representatives, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed also said that the government will continue strengthening the manufacturing sector thereby coming up with a remarkable change along that line.


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