Ethiopia: Yango Launches Ride-Hailing Services in Ethiopia

Yango has officially launched a world-class digital ride-hailing service in Ethiopia.

Yango, a digital ride hailing services for ride ordering online officially launched in Ethiopia yesterday.

Addressing a keynote remark, Yango Country Manager Yekenalem Abebe (PhD) said that today Yango officially introduced a digital ride hailing service in Ethiopia in collaboration with ShuuFare to offer affordable rides and quality services including drivers’ and customers’ safety.

“Our service will not just meet, but exceed the expectations of our customers, thereby transforming their transportation experience.”

The company is dedicated to delivering a cutting-edge, reliable, and customer-centric ride-hailing service. Its service operation in the country would bring efficient mobility solutions. It is already operational in numerous countries across Europe, Central Asia, South America, the Middle East, and Africa, he said.

It uses a variety of shared mobility services based on a unique mapping, targeting, routing and navigation system as well as command distribution based on machine learning technologies. It doesn’t operate its own cars or drivers, but it works only with local transportation service providers by selecting drivers in accordance with local legislation.

“All of our services and brands arise from the everyday needs of citizens and rely on high-end technologies to provide affordable, comfort and safety services. It enables users to order up to three rides at a time for you, your loved one and a friend.”

The drivers’ income has also seen a net difference. The app allows users to rate each trip and send suggestions or complaints to the support service, which is available 24/7, he noted.

For his part, Technology and Innovation State Minister Yisherun Alemayehu stated that the launching of the operation of the services transforms the way we move, but it also symbolizes the strides the country has been making in universal technology to enhance everyday life.

The country’s transportation industry has been seeking innovative, secured and efficient mobility solutions. In the digital era, some services are not just about mobility of people from somewhere, but are implementing the nation’s progression towards digital transformation to benefit the lives of citizens, he said.

Empowering drivers, providing citizens riders with safe, affordable and confident transportation as well as contributing economic growth of the country are commendable efforts that Yango brings, he added.


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