Kenya: Guinness Throws Nairobi’s Ultimate Football Experience for Die-Hard Fans

Nairobi witnessed a football fiesta like never before, courtesy of Guinness, the brand that lives and breathes soccer passion. The Edge Convention Centre played host to an unforgettable matchday event over the weekend, captivating over 4,000 die-hard football fans.

This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill matchday. Guinness went all out, ensuring every little detail catered to the fans’ whims. Three mega screens made sure no one blinked and missed the heart-pounding action. Comfy seating cradled everyone through the games, and a smorgasbord of snacks, paired with ice-cold Guinness, transformed the venue into a football haven. What’s more, this wasn’t some corporate brainchild – it was a labor of love, born from the collaboration with Kenya’s most passionate football aficionados.

Heading the Guinness Committee, The Chairman, G Money, orchestrated a symphony where the fans’ voice took center stage. Zuhum, the Matchday Optics officer, teamed up with Guinness to turn The Edge Convention Centre into a football paradise, complete with multiple screens and a surround-sound system that transported attendees to the heart of a live stadium.

Carol Radull, the Director of Drinks Analysis, made sure every fan got their Guinness just right – perfectly chilled. Nana Owiti, the Chief Snacks Officer, went on a snack odyssey, picking out the ideal munchies to savor with a Guinness. And Soft-life Ambassador Eli Mwenda ensured fans not only had plush seating but also dedicated booths and headphones for those craving commentary from different games.

Henrietta Reed, the Guinness Marketing Manager, emphasized the brand’s dedication to football fandom, promising more experiences that unite fans behind their teams. “Guinness shares our football fans’ love for the game,” said Ms. Reed. “This weekend’s epic matchday experience was just the beginning. Stay tuned for what’s brewing on our brand pages.”

Post-match, Chief Vibes Officer Mukami Wambora and Chief Entertainment Officer Lotan Salapei curated an electric atmosphere. Artists like Bien Aime and Fena Gitu, along with DJs CNG, Dream, Pskratch, Protege, and Sir M, kept the groove alive. Sauti Sol’s Bien brought the curtain down on the weekend with a charged performance of hits, joined by a surprise appearance from Bensoul.

It wasn’t just a matchday; it was a football feast that left fans hungry for more.


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