East Africa: M23 Accuses DR Congo Govt of Continued Violation of Recommendations By EAC Leaders

The March 23 Movement, commonly known as M23 has blamed the DRC government of continued violation of the recommendations by the heads of state of the East African Community.

Addressing journalists in Bunagana on Saturday, M23 leader, Bertrand Bisimwa said owing to the recommendations by the extraordinary meeting of East African leaders on February, 14, 2023, the DRC government violated everything agreed upon.

“However, the DRC government refused to declare a ceasefire yet this was a recommendation by the summit. All other armed groups allied to the DRC government never withdrew. The Kinshasa regime also refused dialogue,” Bisimwa said.

The M23 leader also blasted the Burundi contingent under the East African Regional Force (EACRF) for handing over to Congolese army areas which had initially been handed over to them by the rebel group which they said violated the recommendations by the East African leaders.

“Soldiers of the Burundian army actively participated in military operations on different lines against the M23, wearing FARDC uniforms as evidence by those captured but also identities and other documents found on those who fell on the battlefield,” Bisimwa said.

The M23 leader confirmed the capture of several Burundi soldiers as prisoners of war that he said will soon be paraded for the world to see.

He however condemned the silence of the international community as the said violations continue, citing “malicious destruction of both public and private infrastructure including hospitals, health centres, schools, churches and power lines.”

“Despite all the above, M23 remains convinced that the only way to bring lasting peace to eastern DRC is through dialogue that addresses the root causes of the conflict.”


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