Liberia: Police Charge Man for Manslaughter

Police in Pleebo have charged a man with manslaughter for the death of a 30 -30-year-old woman identified as Esther Toe after a fistfight in Pleebo, Electoral District#2, Maryland County in southeast Liberia.

Suspect Sayee Wesley was charged on Sunday, 19 November 2023 following an investigation by chief investigator Jimmie Kaydor of the Liberia National Police Crime Services Department in Pleebo.

According to the chief investigator Jimmie Kaydo, the police received a call from residents that suspect Saydee Wesley Doe, aged 39, and a resident of Pleebo, was allegedly involved in a fistfight resulting in his spouse’s death.

The police charge sheet continues that the situation occurred when the suspect and his spouse got into a fistfight for allegedly locking doors on his two girl children who had gone out at night and couldn’t come home.

Police said the victim and the suspect engaged in a serious confusion during which the accused allegedly pushed the deceased.

The victim fell and went unconscious, and was later rushed to the Pleebo Health Center where she was pronounced dead by medical practitioners on duty.

The accused at the Pleebo Police Station followed the charge by Article 14.2 of the Penal Law of Liberia.

There have been controversies over the incident, characterized by fear among community members while the suspect is expected to be forwarded at the Pleebo Magisterial court.


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