Namibia: Bodies of Drowned Children Recovered At Henties Bay

The police in the Erongo region have confirmed that the bodies of two young girls who drowned at Henties Bay nearly two weeks ago have been found.

The body of Rashmi Brockerhoff (10) was located 2,4 kilometres north of Henties Bay on Saturday (23 December), Erongo police spokesperson inspector Ileni Shapumba reported on Wednesday.

This follows on the earlier recovery of the body of Marie Mbock (11) six kilometres north of the coastal town.

The two girls’ bodies were washed out by the sea.

The two girls were swept away by a strong wave on 15 December, reportedly while they were building sand castles on the beach.

Despite the efforts of other children to help them, the two girls were overpowered by the ocean current.

“The parents and community, along with the Namibian Police, have been relentless in their search.

Our hearts go out to the families of these young souls,” said Shapumba.

He also urged the public to remain cautious around coastal areas, especially during unpredictable weather conditions, and not to leave children unattended at the beach.

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