Nigeria: IGP Launches Special Intervention Squad to Tackle Kidnapping

Inspector-general of police (IGP), Kayode Egbetokun, has launched a Special Intervention Squad (SIS), to tackle the activities of kidnappers terrorising the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and the nation at large.

The SIS launched is for special operations deployed to all the area councils in the FCT and simultaneously launched in some states across the country.

Recall that kidnappers had taken over Abuja villages, where they have been wreaking havoc in places like Bwari, Dei Dei, Dutse, Mpape among other villages in the FCT.

The IGP said the team is made up of well-trained officers who are specially trained and prepared to tackle issues of this nature.

According to him, “The FCT remains a bastion of safety and an example of efficient urban security management. However, in our pursuit of excellence, we must proactively address even the slightest signs of potential threats. We are thus duty-bound to confront all challenges head-on to protect the lives and welfare of our citizens.

“Envisioned to include a thousand personnel in each state, the SIS is launched today with officers and men from each tactical unit of the Force, supplemented by a formidable arsenal of operational assets, including sophisticated arms, drones, and vehicles.

“These assets, some of which are displayed here, are ready for deployment to counteract the security threats. This deployment symbolises our unwavering commitment to the safety and security of our people, sending a clear message that criminal elements will find no sanctuary within the FCT, and by extension, Nigeria.

“I wish to reiterate here that this operation is more than a mere response; it is a bold strategy aimed at dismantling the criminal networks entrenched in our communities. We recognize the challenges before us and are cognizant that the journey ahead is arduous. However, it is with unwavering resolve that we embark on this mission, driven by a shared responsibility to restore peace and order to all troubled communities across the nation.”


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