Nigeria: Airline Executives Rally Support for NCAA Boss

Members of the Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON) have expressed their support for the new leadership of the Nigeria Civil Aviation (NCAA), led by Capt. Chris Najomo as the Acting Director General, while also seeking the support of industry stakeholders.

Najomo has been actively engaging with stakeholders from various sectors of the industry, and the AON, representing indigenous airlines in Nigeria, recently met with the DG in Abuja.

During these interactions, he assured stakeholders of his commitment to foster collaboration in addressing the challenges facing the industry.

He also pledged to create a more favourable and conducive operating environment to enhance the operations of domestic carriers.

Based on the positive outcomes of these meetings, the airlines are relieved and optimistic that a new era has dawned in the industry.

They have resolved to support the Najomo-led NCAA in the arduous task of building upon the industry’s achievements.

One airline executive narrated an incident where Capt. Najomo swiftly resolved an issue regarding document processing, demonstrating his responsiveness and efficiency.

The executive emphasised the importance of collaboration and synergy among all stakeholders for the industry’s growth.

He called on all stakeholders, including airline executives, service providers, ground handlers, and others committed to the industry’s development, to rally behind Capt. Najomo.

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