Liberia – Boakai Sworn in As Liberia’s 26th President

-Expected to tackle corruption, improve the living conditions of Liberians by reducing poverty, and improve infrastructural development

Joseph Boakai, former Vice President and a veteran politician with 40 years of experience, has been sworn in as Liberia’s new president after winning the election against outgoing President George Weah.

During his campaign, Boakai emphasized his commitment to addressing key challenges faced by the country, including corruption, poverty, and infrastructural development.

The inauguration ceremony, held on Capitol Hill in Monrovia, was attended by various foreign leaders and diplomatic delegations, highlighting the significance of this transition of power. Boakai’s election victory signifies hope for the Liberian people, who have long-awaited efforts to combat corruption and improve their living conditions.

Liberia, with a population of 5 million, has experienced its fair share of challenges, including corruption, poverty, and a weak justice system, due to years of civil war. Many citizens hope that Boakai’s presidency will bring positive change, such as job creation, economic improvement, institution strengthening, and the fight against corruption.

Furthermore, there are expectations for him to prioritize the provision of stable electricity and water, as well as enhance the road infrastructure to attract investments. The outgoing government’s failure to establish a war and economic crimes court and address impunity has left unresolved issues from the civil wars.

Additionally, concerns have been raised regarding the mysterious deaths of four government auditors during this period. Despite these challenges, Boakai’s reputation for leading a life free from corruption has raised hopes among Liberians.

They anticipate that his experience and dedication will pave the way for a brighter future, marked by improved living conditions and a more prosperous nation.


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