Kenya: EACC Opens Probe Into Revenue Diversion at City Hall

Nairobi — The Ethics and Anti-Corruption (EACC) is probing a revenue clerk and an intern linked to revenue diversion at City Hall.

Daniel Odidi and John Mburi, a Mt Kenya University student, were arrested on Thursday after they manipulated the revenue system to acknowledge receipt of unpaid funds.

“The suspects had asked the complainant, who had visited the Revenue Offices to make payment of annual parking fees for his commercial vehicles amounting to Sh45,000, to deposit the money for the service to a private bank account belonging to John Gachagua,” EACC stated on Tuesday.

The duo reportedly manipulated the Nairobi Revenue Services (NRS) portal to acknowledge the payment, without the payment of the said fees.

The suspects said they could help the client pay less if they agreed to the plan.

“The complainant was able to verify that the portal indicated full payment of the parking fees for the whole year, even without depositing any amount,” the anti-corruption agency reported.

The Commission said its agents were working to conclude a probe on the matter before presenting the suspects held at Kilimani Police Station in court.

EACC expressed concern over rising cases of diversion of revenue in county government saying the practice was impeding efforts to meet own-source revenue targets.

The Commission noted that some counties were reporting worse revenue performance than municipalities they succeeded.


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