Nigeria: Aviation Minister Seeks Aircraft Manufacturing Partnership for Nigeria

The Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development has visited Magnus Aircraft Group in Hungary to seek collaboration on building an aircraft manufacturing and assemblage capacity in Nigeria.

Keyamo’s visit is in honour of an invitation sent to him by Magnus Aircraft Group to attend its product introduction event, a useful way to explore areas of collaboration and strategic partnership that would be beneficial for both parties.

According to the special assistant on Media and Communications to the Minister, Tunde Moshood, “The company showcased its latest innovation, the Hungarian MF-212 multifunctional aircraft, designed for training and aerial surveillance purposes.”

Moshood stated that during the visit, the minister explored potential collaborations for staging the manufacturing and assemblage of the modern multipurpose aircraft in Nigeria.

According to Moshood, the minister was particular about the integration of the aircraft into the training programs for students at the Africa Aviation and Aerospace University (AAAU) in Abuja.

The MF-212 is a two-seater low-wing aircraft made entirely of carbon composite materials, featuring a fixed non-retractable landing gear. With high aerobatic and operational characteristics, the aircraft can withstand an overload of +11.8/-6.3g, making it suitable for various applications.

MAGNUS Group’s CEO highlighted the aircraft’s unique safety features, including the use of normal petrol (PMS) as fuel and a ballistic recovery system. The parachute pack, situated in front of the cabin, adds an extra layer of safety.

The versatile MF-212 can be adapted for private use, business flights, training purposes, aerial surveillance, military pilot training, border monitoring, disaster management, agricultural observation, anti-terrorism, anti-piracy missions, and UAV applications.

In a significant move towards technology transfer, Magnus AIRCRAFT COMPANY has established a partnership with the Ministry of Aviation, Nigeria. A manufacturing factory in NCAT, Zaria, was commissioned on May 26, 2023. The collaboration includes training programs for NCAT engineers on aircraft manufacture/assembly and type rating training for end-users such as the Nigerian Army, Air Force, and NSCDC Pilots and Engineers.

The impact of this collaboration is already evident, with Magnus Aircraft products deployed for agricultural purposes by NALDA and utilised by NCAT for security and surveillance duties. Deliveries have also been made to Ghana, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, and South Africa, showcasing the aircraft’s global relevance.

The minister and his team experienced firsthand the capabilities of the MF-212 during test flights, marking a significant milestone in potential collaborations between Nigeria and MAGNUS AIRCRAFT. The company’s establishment of an assembly plant in NCAT, Nigeria, further solidifies the commitment to technology transfer and growth in the aviation sector.


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