Africa: ICJ to Rule On South Africa’s Request to Stop Israeli Attacks On Gaza

South Africa wants the ICJ, as a matter of extreme urgency, to ask Israel to immediately suspend its military operations in and against Gaza.

The International Court of Justice will on Friday rule on provisional requests from South Africa in the case accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza.

Friday’s ruling will not dwell on whether or not Israel has committed genocide in Gaza: that ruling is expected to take years. Instead, the court will rule on South Africa’s nine provisional requests including that Israel halts its military operations in Gaza and that Israel should allow unhindered humanitarian access into Gaza.

A press statement by the court said a public sitting will take place at 1 p.m. at the Peace Palace in The Hague, during which Judge Joan Donoghue, the President of the Court, will read the Court’s Order.

South Africa on 29 December 2023, filed an application instituting proceedings against Israel concerning alleged violations of its obligations under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in relation to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

It accused Israel of committing genocide in Gaza since its invasion following the 7 October attack on Israel by Hamas militants.

Both countries presented their arguments at the ICJ on 10 and 11 January where South Africa’s lawyers said Israel and its agencies are intentional about wiping out entire families in Gaza.

Responding to South Africa, Israel said it was acting in self-defence and blamed Hamas for the woes of people in the Gaza Strip.

South Africa also requested the court to approve provisional measures to protect against further, severe and irreparable harm to the rights of the Palestinian people under the Genocide Convention.

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