Nigeria: Ndume Faults Plan to Relocate CBN Departments, Faan Headquarters to Lagos

“This is one of the mistakes and I’m sure Mr President will reverse it because it doesn’t work. You can’t have two capitals,” Mr Ndume said.

Chief Whip of the Senate, Ali Ndume says the relocation of some departments of the Central Bank of Nigeria and the headquarters of the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) from Abuja to Lagos State was influenced by ‘political cartels’ within the government.

Mr Ndume, the senator representing Borno South, said the ‘political cartels’ are offering wrong advice to President Bola Tinubu to mislead him on implementing some policies.

The senator said this during an interview with Channels Television on Tuesday.

“All these Lagos boys who are thinking that Lagos is Nigeria are just misinforming and advising the president wrongly.

“Those political cartels that are in the corridors of power are trying to misinform the president and we will tell the President. The President will take action.”

This is the third time that a northern figure will be condemning the relocation of the two federal government agencies since it was made public.

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) had earlier condemned the relocation of the offices, claiming that the decision was to further under-develop the northern part of the country

The Northern Senators Forum (NSF) also threatened legal action against the federal government if the relocations of the offices were not reversed.

Nigeria’s capital was moved from Lagos to Abuja on 13 December 1991, during the military regime of Ibrahim Babangida.

There had been rumours that President Tinubu is planning to move the nation’s capital back to Lagos but the presidency has debunked it, saying there’s no such plan.

Political consequences

Mr Ndume noted that the relocation of the CBN offices and the headquarters of FAAN from Abuja to Lagos will brew a political crisis in the country.

“They are not doing any favour to Mr President because this will have political consequences,” he stated.

The senator expressed confidence that President Tinubu would reverse the plan for the relocation of the offices to Abuja.

“We only have one federal capital and that is Abuja.

“The regulators of the financial institutions are supposed to be or are in Abuja. Do you want them to move back because you say Lagos is the commercial capital?

“This is one of the mistakes and I’m sure Mr President will reverse it because it doesn’t work. You can’t have two capitals.

“Is the CBN governor going to be operating from Lagos? Or do you now say that because the majority of our oil is extracted from the South-south, you take NNPC to the South-south?

“Or is it because Nigeria’s agriculture is more in the North, you take Ministry of Agric to anywhere in the North? It doesn’t work that way.

“I’m very sure and confident that Mr President will look at this situation because he is a nationalist and not just a Lagos man,” Mr Ndume said.


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