Nigeria: Govt, UN Women Unveil N300m Biogas Project for Rural Women

Federal government has partnered with the United Nations (UN) Women to empower rural women through a N300 million biogas project.

The minister of women affairs, Barr. Uju Kennedy-Ohaneye, disclosed this yesterday in Abuja.

She said with an investment exceeding N300 million, the initiative will address the energy poverty faced by women in remote areas who rely on firewood and charcoal for cooking.

Kennedy-Ohaneye said this innovative project introduces a low-cost biogas solution capable of producing flammable gas from readily available resources like animal dung and crop residues.

She said, “The initiative not only offers an affordable and sustainable alternative to traditional cooking fuels but also promises significant economic, health, and environmental benefits.”

While expressing confidence in the project’s ability to alleviate women’s suffering, Ohaneye urged both federal and state governments to invest in biogas solutions, emphasising their potential to empower women in rural communities and alleviate poverty on a larger scale.

Also, UN Women representative to Nigeria and ECOWAS, Beatrice Eyong, lauded the project’s potential to generate income for women while simultaneously tackling health risks associated with firewood, deforestation, and climate change challenges.

Eyong said the biogas installations will also serve a dual purpose by providing nutrient-rich organic manure for crop production, thereby enhancing agricultural yields.

She said the initiative is set to empower women by providing the necessary equipment for biogas production, utilising widely available animal dung at minimal or no cost.

“Moreover, the project’s positive impact extends beyond women, as it creates employment opportunities for young people involved in the supply and production of biogas,”she said.


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