Kenya: Private Security Firms Given 7 Days to Confirm Compliance With Revised Salary Standards for Guards

Nairobi — Private security firms across the country are required to commit to the newly revised salaries for their guards within the next seven days, according to a directive from the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA).

Fazul Mahamed, the Director General of PSRA, emphasized that all private security companies must sign and submit a copy of the legal commitment to pay the government-set minimum wage for private security guards.

The legal commitment is available for submission to, as outlined in the stipulated legal notice. PSRA/005/2023.

Failure to comply with this requirement within the stipulated time frame will result in serious consequences for private security companies, warned the PRSA DG.

“Any private security company that fails to submit a duly signed copy of the Legal Commitment within the next 7 days shall be subjected to a statutory review of its registration and licensing status including cancellation of its registration licence to operate as a corporate private security service provider in accordance with section 32 of the Act,” Mahamed said.

This directive follows a government announcement in November last year, instructing employers of private security guards to ensure a minimum gross salary of Sh30,000 per month for each guard.

The government explained that the move aims to enhance the terms of service and benefits for security personnel within the private security industry.

In the review, the government established a minimum wage of Sh18,994.08 for security guards, a home allowance of Sh2,849.11, and an overtime allowance of Sh8,156.81, with the total gross pay being Sh30,000.

“A person who hires, employs or otherwise engages the services of any private security service provider and pays or remunerates them below the mandated basic minimum wage prescribed herein commits an offence and shall be liable to a fine or to both such fine and imprisonment in the case of a natural person and two million shillings in the case of a corporate,” he stated on November 16, 2023.

The Authority stated that regardless of whether such a person has been employed by a government institution, agency, or body, by any individual, security companies, corporate entities, organizations, associations, or any other entity recognized by law, the terms of employment will be the same.


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