Liberia: Chambers Preaches Peace After Devastating Legislative Defeat

After the decisive defeat, Former Speaker of the National Legislature, Bhofal Chambers, has expressed his gratitude to his supporters and the people of Pleebo Sodoken district for maintaining peace during the recent rerun election.

The election, held on January 25, 2024 in Old Sodoken, Precinct code 27020, was conducted in response to Chambers’ complaint against the results of the legislative election held on October 10, 2023.

During an appreciation and reconciliation ceremony on January 27, 2024, Chambers commended his supporters and the district for exercising their democratic rights in a professional and peaceful manner.

Despite conceding defeat to his rival Anthony Williams, Chambers acknowledged the historical significance of the 2023 election, as it provided a platform to test the law. The event, held at Pleebo City Hall, saw the attendance of religious leaders, local district and county officials, as well as thousands of citizens from both the elected camp and Chambers’ supporters.

In his speech, the former Speaker appreciated the citizens for their efforts in ensuring the overall interests of Pleebo Sodoken district without discrimination. Chambers also reaffirmed his commitment to paying school fees for students under his scholarship scheme from 2005 to 2023, both in university and grade schools. In January 2024, he already paid six million Liberian dollars for grants benefiting market women and students in the district.

Meanwhile, Chambers expressed disappointment with political leaders from Grand Kru County for meddling in the political affairs of Maryland, specifically Pleebo Sodoken district. He warned against creating a serious political divide between the two counties and emphasized the historical support Maryland has shown towards Grand Kru in various aspects of development.

He urged the citizens of the district to refrain from destroying those who are there to help them, as this hinders development and obstructs progress, while encouraging citizens to maintain peace and avoid provocation, stating that the election is over, and ongoing peace is essential for the endless development and progress of the district and Maryland as a whole.

While acknowledging his defeat, Dr. Chambers noted that the number of votes garnered proved supporters’ continued support and attachment to Pleebo Sodoken district.

He emphasized the need to heal wounds and unify the district, emphasizing that Pleebo Sodoken is the only place they have, and positive efforts are necessary for its development.

During the reconciliation and peace ceremony, former paramount chief of the Gbolobo chiefdom, Edward Nyemah, expressed his gratitude to Chambers for initiating the process of reconciliation.

Nyemah praised Chambers for calling for peace and reconciliation even in the face of electoral defeat, lauding his courageous actions. Nyemah acknowledged the deep division that the 2023 election had created among the Nyanbo people and the citizens of the district.

He urged residents and citizens to prioritize peace and unity for the sake of achieving developmental progress in Pleebo Sodoken district. In summary, Chambers is calling for peace, unity, and reconciliation following his electoral defeat. He expressed his appreciation for his supporters and the district, while also emphasizing the need to heal divisions and work collectively for the development of Pleebo Sodoken district.


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