Liberia: Bridge Liberia Completes Major Renovations At Ngorkuma Public School and Other Supported Schools

Renovation works at selected schools supported by Bridge Liberia are ongoing across the country.

The project is intended to give a facelift to government schools that are supported by Bridge Liberia and in dire need of immediate, quick-impact renovations to ensure the learning environment is improved.

In Foya, Lofa County, the Kporlornin and Ngorkuma Public Schools share similar challenges in the schools’ infrastructure, which has prompted community involvement in the renovation works as part of Bridge Liberia’s corporate social responsibility efforts.

Ophelia Nyumah, Principal of Kporlornin Public School, has rallied both the community and tPTA in taking ownership of the renovation as it stands to benefit children in the community.

“The community is highly appreciative of this, which is why they are all involved in the renovation to the extent that the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) is even providing food for the workers as their support for the work; this is really welcoming.”

Thomas Fayia, Principal of the Ngorkuma Public School, speaks similarly, echoing heartfelt gratitude for the renovations and the community’s acceptance.

“The school has been damaged for three years. So, I am happy that Bridge Liberia has given the school a facelift. The community members through the PTA are also grateful. They contributed significantly by availing themselves to paint the school, repair leakages and carry out some renovation to affected parts of the school building,” Mr Fayia recounted.

While the MOU with the Government of Liberia does not mandate the construction or renovation of all schools, the social enterprise has voluntarily taken on the initiative, which underscores the organization’s commitment to enhancing the quality of education across Liberia.

This renovation initiative extends beyond Ngorkuma Public School, encompassing ten selected schools across Lofa, Bomi, and Nimba Counties, all part of Bridge Liberia’s concerted effort to uplift the education infrastructure in these regions.

In Liberia, where the educational infrastructure faces numerous challenges, the need for improving public school facilities cannot be overemphasized.

Bridge Liberia Policy and Partnership Manager Saa David Nyuma, Jr. is supervising the project.

He sees the renovation work at these schools as not just giving them a facelift but a symbol of a new era of hope and opportunity for children in the community.


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