Liberia: David Debblay And Georgiana Sackie Triumph in 2023 Liberia National Chess Championship

Congo Town — The 2023 Liberia National Individual Chess Championship concluded on Friday, January 26, 2024 with grand success as youngsters David Leroy Debblay and Georgiana Sackie emerged victorious in the Open and Ladies sections, respectively.

The prestigious tournament took place at the Sinkor Palace Hotel in Congo Town, spanning over ten days from January 14-to- 26.

In the Open Section, youngster David Leroy Debblay displayed stellar performance, securing a remarkable 9/11 score and securing his first national title.

A notable highlight was Thomas Saah, a former national champion, finishing in second place with 8.5/11, making him one of the only two participants to Champion Debblay

Obediah Saah claimed the bronze with 8.5 points due to superior scores in direct encounters.

In the Ladies Section, young breastfeeding mother Georgiana Sackie delivered a fairy tale ending, as she securing an impressive 9 after a playoff tie break against Abigail Karyah to claimed the National Women’s Champion.

The country former female champion Abigail Karyah finished closely behind Georgiana Sackie to,secured second place, while Princess Banney clinched the bronze with 6 points.

The top five players from both the Open and Ladies sections have earned coveted spots on the Liberia National Chess Team for 2024.

This achievement grants them the opportunity to represent the country at the 45th World Chess Olympiad in Hungary in September of this year.

Before the start of the Championship, the Federation had already completed the first events for 2023, which included the 2023 Rapid Chess Championship (won by Thomas Saah), and the 2023 National Blitz Chess Championship (won by Kennedy Kengo ).

Speaking at the closing ceremony, the Federation President Thomas Karyah expressed hopes of launching another major tournament to maintain the athletes’ focus as they prepare for more national and international competitions.

Mr. Karyah expressed his gratitude to government and partners for financing the event and encouraged the winners from the male and female divisions, as well as other participants, to continue delivering their talented performances, as more tournaments will be organized in the near future.


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