Liberia: Former Liberia Track Athlete Bill Rogers Presents Huston-Tillotson University’s Congratulation Message to President Boakai

Monrovia — The Huston-Tillotson University, in Austin, Texas, has warmly congratulated the newly elected President of Liberia, Joseph Boakai, for his dedication to public service and the trust the Liberian people have placed in him. They hope his tenure will be marked by peace, prosperity, and advancement for the country.

Recognizing the importance of international cooperation, Huston-Tillotson encouraged a partnership with Liberia to strengthen diplomatic relations and enhance the global standing of Liberia, Africa, and the United States.

The proclamation from the Huston-Tillotson University which was given to President Boakai through the Minister of State designate Sylvester Grigsby stands as a symbol of the university’s enduring commitment to Liberia’s success and prosperity under President Boakai’s leadership.

The congratulation message was sent by former Liberian Track Athlete Bill Rogers who is also part of the faculty of the university. Rogers says he was glad that the Huston-Tillotson University was able to trust him to deliver their congratulation message to the President.

The congratulation message says, “Congratulations to President Boakai from Huston-Tillotson University. Hope for peace, prosperity, and advancement for Liberia. Call for partnership between Huston-Tillotson and Liberia to strengthen international relations. Commitment to Liberia’s success under President Boakai.”

Speaking to journalists, Rogers added: “The proclamation is a very powerful letter that was sent by the staff, faculty, students’ body and signed by the seventh president of the Huston-Tillotson University Dr. Melva Wallace.”

Rogers also disclosed that the university is interested in what he termed as a student exchange program for young students in Liberia to go to the US and attend the Huston-Tillotson University with a promise to come back home upon the completion of their study and rebuild their country.

“Dr. Wallace is a Christian and her passion is to support every country. She has trusted me with the full responsibility to come down and give the proclamation which is a helping hand and an agreement to work with the Liberian people,” Rogers said.

Rogers, despite being a former Track Athlete, is certified as an M.Ed. He is a distinguished Sports Therapy Professional at Huston-Tillotson University.

“Me making it out there, teaching other young people I feel hurt, and I want to give back to my country,” Rogers said.


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