South Africa: Ruling Party Suspends Zuma’s Membership to Preserve Party Integrity – South African News Briefs – January 30, 2023


Ruling Party Suspends Former President Zuma to Preserve Party Integrity

The African National Congress (ANC) has officially suspended its former president, Jacob Zuma, following a decision by the ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) to protect the party’s integrity, reports News24. Secretary-general Fikile Mbalula announced the suspension, stating that exceptional circumstances justified the immediate decision. Zuma, who had been actively campaigning against the ANC since announcing his withdrawal from supporting the party in December, will have 48 hours to respond to allegations of violating the ANC constitution. The decision to suspend Zuma’s membership came after a three-day NEC meeting, where initial plans for his branch in Nkandla to suspend him were halted due to the branch’s standing. The NEC opted for suspension instead of expulsion to avoid lengthy disciplinary processes. Despite initial divisions within the NEC, members agreed that the move was necessary to address Zuma’s breach of discipline. The ANC will reconvene for the national lekgotla after the suspension.

60 Alleged Instigators of 2021 South Africa Unrest Face High Court

Over 60 individuals accused of instigating the July 2021 unrest in South Africa are set to face the Durban High Court, reports eNCA. Arrested in various locations across KwaZulu-Natal, the suspects initially faced charges of conspiracy to commit public violence and incitement. The case was elevated from the magistrate’s court to the high court. In a recent development, additional charges, including terrorism, sedition, and conspiracy to commit murder, were imposed during their last appearance in December. The legal proceedings highlight the gravity of the charges related to the widespread disturbances in July, which had significant social and economic repercussions. In a separate incident related to the unrest, brothers Dylan and Ned Govender were previously sentenced to seven years in prison in August.

Durban Businessman Discovers Vehicle Used as Uber by Parking Service

Durban businessman Martin Stander suspects that his vehicle was utilized as an Uber while in the care of Aryans ParkandSmile, a long-term parking service, reports News24. Stander, who used the service through ParkVia during a trip to Cape Town, discovered unauthorized trips and an additional 471km on his Toyota Starlet’s odometer. ParkVia, an online booking agent, disclaimed responsibility, directing Stander to Aryans ParkandSmile. Numerous complaints on ParkVia and Hellopeter revealed a pattern of unauthorized vehicle use by ParkandSmile. Stander’s case raises questions about ParkVia’s vetting process for promoted companies. Legal experts suggest that ParkVia, as an agent, may share liability for the misuse of consumers’ vehicles. Meanwhile, Aryans ParkandSmile has been removed from ParkVia’s long-stay offers, and their phone contact mentioned closure without specifying reasons. The incident underscores concerns about transparency and accountability in long-term parking services.

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