Tanzania: Traders Warned Against Illegal Hikes in Sugar Prices

KATAVI: KATAVI Regional Commissioner Ms Mwamvua Mrindoko has warned traders in the region against price hikes of sugar on the pretext of shortage of the commodity in the markets

The RC said she will never hesitate to take legal measures against a few traders hiking sugar prices arbitrarily on the pretext of a shortage of the commodity in the market because it hurts the citizens.

She issued the warning in Mpanda Municipality yesterday emphasizing that the days of the defiant traders were numbered.

“There are some unscrupulous businesspeople in Katavi who want to make big profits by raising sugar prices. There is no justification for hiking sugar prices because there is a shortage in the market,” the RC stressed.

The RC said she was prompted to issue the warning following a report that sugar prices in most retail shops in Katavi region have currently surged above the indicative prices, fluctuating between 4,000/- and 5,000/- per kilo.

According to her, as per the Tanzania Sugar Board (TSB), the indicative sugar prices for wholesale in Katavi remain between 2,600/- to 2,800/- while the retail price is 3,200.

“I urge traders in the region the retail price of sugar must not exceed 3,200/- per kilogramme short of that the defiant traders will face the full force of the law,” she warned.

The TSB indicative sugar prices remain between 2,800/- to 3,200/- per kilogramme depending on the geographical location in Rukwa, Kigoma and Katavi Region wholesale price is between 2,600 and 2,800/- while the retail price is 3,200/-

“The indicative prices is the same for Katavi Rukwa and Kigoma so there is no justification for price hike, either based on production fall or increased transport costs” she explained.

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