Ethiopia: Czech Keen to Lift Ties With Ethiopia to New Heights

Aims to private sector’s involvement to thriving ties

The Czech Republic is working tirelessly to enhance its partnership with Ethiopia in a range of sectors that are instrumental in taking the bilateral cooperation to new heights, the country’s ambassador disclosed.

Approached by The Ethiopian Herald, the Czech Republic Ambassador to Ethiopia Miroslav Kosek said that it is in the interest of his government to transform the two countries’ historical relations into new heights.

The Czech Republic has immense interest to take the current level of cooperation with Ethiopia to higher levels in many spheres that would benefit both parties. Accordingly, the parties have finalized the preparation to sign a Memorandum of Understating (MoU) to establish the Ethio-Czech Chamber of Commerce that would mobilize the participation of the private sector in holistic attempts to build stronger Ethio-Czech ties.

According to him, the MoU would also contribute to strengthening economic diplomacy, realizing objectives and opening a door for businesses. Establishing the chamber would enhance the role of the two countries’ private companies’ involvement in establishing stronger commercial ties. To materialize the goal, Czech has been extending the necessary technical support to Ethiopia in various sectors.

Ambassador Kosek further highlighted the two countries’ higher-level officials’ reciprocal visits are of great significance to the furtherance of the bilateral relations in various arenas. In this regard, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s (PhD) visit to Prague and his Czech counterpart PetrFiala’s stay in Addis Ababa last year confirmed the deepening of the two sides’ bilateral ties.

“Moreover, the Czech Republic Ministry of Trade and Industry and its Ethiopian counterpart have been working to finalize the signing of an inter-ministerial MoU that would facilitate conditions for the two countries’ companies to do business, get licenses, explore market opportunities and cooperate with each other.”

Ethiopia and the Czech Republic have been enjoying stronger cooperation in the mining, agriculture, hydrogeology (water management), cultural, health, defense and other areas. Czech has special interest to expand its partnership with Ethiopia in the sphere of culture as it creates strong bonds with individuals, institutions, companies and others, he added.

“Ethiopia’s Diplomacy Exhibition that has been taking place at the Science Museum is a good idea for us to prepare something for our diplomacy. It is also an important part of cultural diplomacy.”

There are a number of Czech companies that are actively operating in Ethiopia’s market and they are ready to deliver the technology, technical know-how and other support for local partners. This kind of engagement requires unrelenting support of the two countries’ embassies. “Step by step, the Czech and Ethiopian companies would penetrate market potentials in both countries,” Ambassador Kosek expressed optimism.



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