Ethiopia: Officials Says ENA Continues to Uphold Nat’l Interests

The newly built Media complex of Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) is expected to strengthen national understanding, unity and build country’s image in a new phase, so stated officials.

ENA inaugurated the modern media complex yesterday. The complex includes three television and four radio studios. It also has a number of rooms for office use, meeting halls, a library, a recreation center and a state-of-the-art gymnasium, it was learnt.

At the event, House of Federation Speaker Agegnehu Teshager said that the newly media complex will create national consensus and strengthen unity. It will make the service ready for a higher national mission. It will also be equipped with modern technologies and would cause comfortable environment. The agency will continue building a collective narrative and strengthen ties with foreign news services to become the leading source of reliable news in Africa.

Established 82 years ago, ENA has been playing a crucial role in building national unity and common heritage in Ethiopia.

Government Communication Services Minister, Legese Tulu (PhD) on his part said that a media house equipped with modern technology and infrastructure would be of paramount importance in increasing Ethiopia’s media capacity and access to information.

Mayor of Addis Ababa city administration Mayor, Adanech Abiebie, said that ENA should work hard to inform the world about Ethiopia’s reality and create national consensus.

She also pointed out that ENA has fulfilled the technologies that will redeem the time. It is safe to inform the whole world about the reality of Ethiopia.

She also pointed out that ENA’s modern media complex would be able to create appealing environment, and the city administration is committed to provide it with all necessary support.

ENA CEO Seife Derbie said on the occasion that that ENA will work to strengthen national understanding and the building of the country’s image opening a new chapter.

“It is a competitive institution with foreign news services and is working in coordination with foreign media in addition to local media,” he added.



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