Namibia: Katima Mulilo Without Water for Days…Residents Resort to Polluted River

Katima Mulilo — Katima Mulilo has been without potable water since Monday due to a burst water pipe.

While Namwater is supplying free water, some residents have resorted to drawing water from the Zambezi River for household use and consumption, amidst life-threatening cholera in neighbouring Zambia. Some of the residents are also making use of the river to bathe.

“What can I do without water? The taps have been dry since Monday. We have children to cook for and bathe. The town council must sort out this mess,

as it is a frequent occurrence to go days without water,” complained Ntwala Nalisa, who went to fetch water from the river. Another man who demanded anonymity went to the river to bathe and fetch water for use in the toilet at home.

“We are lucky that we have a river where we can fetch water during this crisis, although we don’t know how safe it is. We drink it. It is the only source of water we have at the moment,” he reacted after a swim-like bathe.

In response, the town council’s spokesperson Sonia Kafe gave the assurance that the Namwater team is hard at work to ensure water is restored soon. She said the community was informed about the matter via a public notice on Monday.

“The Katima Mulilo town council would like to inform its residents that due to a major pipe burst, the town is currently experiencing water supply interruptions. However, our team is hard at work to ensure that this interruption is resolved, and water is restored within the shortest time. We apologise for any inconvenience caused,” stated Katima Mulilo chief executive officer Raphael Liswaniso.


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