Somalia: Ethiopia Is in a State of Isolation After Violated Somalia’s Sovereignty – MP

Addis Ababa — Ethiopia has asked IGAD to hold an extraordinary summit on its current tension with Somalia over the recent illegal maritime MoU with Somaliland.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia has requested Djibouti to organize the IGAD session to seek a solution to the dispute over the deal amid growing calls for de-escalation.

PM Abiy Ahmed refused to attend the recent deal in Uganda by the leaders of IGAD which was expected to discuss the issue.

This came at the same time, as Ethiopia faced pressure and condemnation from the agreement that violated Somalia’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and unity.

Abdirahman Abdishakur, a member of the Somali parliament, said that Ethiopia is in a state of isolation after it failed to follow the charters of IGAD, the AU, and the United Nations.

“Ethiopia should withdraw its decision and respect the independence and territorial integrity of Somalia. By doing so, it can avoid further isolation,” said Abdirahman Abdishakur.

The President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh and the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed were in Rome, Italy, where they were participating in the 2024 Italy-Africa conference.


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