Zimbabwe: CCC Orders MPs to Stay Put Until Party Gives Directive

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) for Change has ordered its Members of Parliament (MP) to stay put in the National Assembly while it engages erstwhile leader Nelson Chamisa.

In light of the ensuing chaos in the opposition party, the Citizens National Assembly (CNA) met in Harare to deliberate on the way forward.

The opposition party is mired in chaos after Chamisa dumped it over internal implosion and factionalism.

CCC was thrown into turmoil after self-proclaimed Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu recalled legislators and councillors, fragmenting the opposition.

Speaking after the meeting CNA meeting spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi said the party has appointed a committee led by Jameson Timba that will liaise with Chamisa on the way forward.

“In light of the statement allegedly issued by Nelson Chamisa the Citizens National Assembly met and made the following resolutions. The CNA appreciates and agrees with the issues raised by the president because these issues are the centre of the citizen’s concerns in that regard the CNA resolved never to surrender the struggle to Zanu PF and its proxies and will do everything possible to defend people’s struggle and citizens interest including court cases illegal recalls and imposters, political arrests, the position of our deployees in council and parliament shrinking democratic space.

“During this transitional period, the CNA resolved to engage with President Nelson Chamisa and the masses of our people across the country to advise on the direction and the way forward,”

Chamisa’s resignation last week left the opposition’s legislators in limbo with the youthful leader tight-lipped on his next political move.

CCC also ordered its MPs not to resign from the National Assembly.

“The position is that we are in the position of engaging and consulting under this committee but in the meantime all our deployees in parliament and council are urged to stay put and hold the fort until a directive comes from the party,” added Mkwananzi.


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