Kenya: Police Launch Investigation Into Disappearance of 8 Remandees in Kisumu

Kisumu — Police in Kisumu have launched an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of 8 remandees from the Koru police station.

According to police, the remandees were scheduled to appear in Menara law court on Thursday, facing various charges but they vanished on Wednesday night.

Police said that a total of 10 remandees had been transferred to the station from Kodiaga remand prison for their court hearings.

In a daring escape attempt, the remandees took advantage of a moment when some of them requested to be escorted to the restroom, overpowering the duty officer in the process.

Two of the escapees, who were still in handcuffs, were later apprehended within the expansive sugarcane plantation in the vicinity.

A man hunt has been launched to locate the remaining 8 inmates, with officers scouring the surrounding villages since Wednesday night.


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