Zimbabwe: Wicknell Chivayo Splashes Over U.S.$300 000 on Musicians’ Cars in a Week

CONTROVERSIAL businessman Wicknell Chivayo continues to splash money like confetti rewarding individuals inclined to the ruling party Zanu PF.

Chivayo has in a space of five days splashed more than US$300 000 spoiling musicians ostensibly for their contributions to the music industry.

Friday, Chivayo bought a flashy car for Jah Prayzah worth a staggering US$180 000.

According to Chivayo, this was a reward for Jah Prayzah’s album “Mudhara Achauya” which had the song “Kutonga Kwaro”, the soundtrack in the rise of President Emmerson Mnangagwa through a military-assisted takeover.

Five days later Chivayo bought another car for Sulumani Chimbetu worth US$140 000.

Interestingly these two flashy cars were acquired from a local car sale in Harare.

In announcing his new gesture of “benevolence” Chivhayo said the Dendera musician had stood with the ZANU PF.

“Congratulations to no one, none other than the current king of Dendera Music himself MR SULUMANI CHIMBETU…Your immense contribution and continued support at our ZANU PF rallies can not just go unnoticed.

“Obviously I am biased not only because I am a die-hard Dendera Music fan but your Father SIMON the CHOPPER CHIMBETU was my very good friend and to me the best singer of all time.

“So today I say to you MWANANGU SULU please go and enjoy your new 2022 Mercedes Benz GLE300d…If you continue supporting ZANU PF the revolutionary party YOUR FUTURE REMAINS BRIGHT…Just some small pocket change WELL SPENT on you wholeheartedly,” said Chivayo on his Facebook page.

In the past few months, Chivayo has been on a spending spree early this year, spoiling his fellow apostolic sect members with 25 Toyota Aqua vehicles.


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