Tunisia: Local Elections – 1,858 Candidates Standing for Run-Off

Tunis/Tunisia — Voting centres opened their doors on Sunday morning at 8 am to welcome the 4 million 181 thousand 871 voters for the run-off local council elections.

Voters were called upon to decide between the top two candidates in each constituency who did not obtain an absolute majority of the votes cast during the first round.

According to the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE), 1,858 candidates in 779 constituencies are standing for this run-off elections.

Voters are invited to cast their ballots in one of the 2,034 polling centres, comprising 3,675 polling stations.

Out of a total of 6,177 direct candidates in the elections, spread over 2,155 constituencies, 1,348 candidates won seats on local councils in the first round.

According to the data presented by the Electoral Authority, the turnout in the first round stood at 11.84%. Some 1 million 74 thousand 880 voters turned out at the polls on December 24.


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