Liberia: Boakai Re-Echoes Vote of Confidence in Beysolow-Nyanti

President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has expressed explicit confidence in Foreign Minister-designate Sara Besloyw Nyanti, adding that he believes in her abilities to serve well in that capacity when confirmed.

The President’s expression of confidence in Beysolow, an international civil servant of 20 years with the United Nations, amid reports over the weekend that the postponement of her confirmation hearing, which was previously scheduled for Thursday, February 1, was intended for the President to rescind or withdraw her nomination.

Reports emerged over the weekend that Senators Dillon, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, and Senate Pro-Tempore, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, and some Unity Party members met with President Boakai and were reportedly encouraged to reject the nomination. Dillon is said to be facing pressure from certain UP executives to block the nomination of Madam Nyanti because of concerns about her close relationship with President Boakai and the possibility of her being seen as a potential successor.

However, the Executive Mansion said over the weekend that the President, who, as a show of confidence, made Beysolow-Nyanti one of the very few first batches of nominees, has no plan to recall her nomination.

Madam Kula V. Fofana, Presidential Press Secretary, Executive Mansion, urges the public to desist from interfering in the confirmation hearing of Foreign Minister-designate Sara Besloyw Nyanti. Press Secretary Kula Fofana says President Boakai has no plan of recalling her nomination.

Presidential Press Secretary Kula Fofana is urging the public to desist from interfering with the confirmation hearing of nominees by the Liberian Senate.

Her call is in relation to events that unfolded on Capitol Thursday during the nomination process of foreign minister-designate Sara Besloyw Nyanti.

Speaking to reporters Friday, Fofana said President Boakai believes in the abilities of Beysolow-Nyanti and has no plan of recalling her nomination.

She further said that Mr. Boakai will do everything possible to bring on board the best minds to help his administration.

Meanwhile, Capitol Hill was the center of attention on Thursday as thousands of supporters and well-wishers gathered to show their support for the nominee. However, the confirmation hearing did not proceed as planned due to an unexpected interruption caused by the large number of people present at the Capitol Building.

The postponement was attributed to security concerns and overcrowding. Despite the delay, Beysolow Nyanti’s nomination has received favorable public approval, as many Liberians see her as an internationally recognized figure who can drive the country’s foreign policy. However, she has faced what some have called a smear campaign regarding her credentials, with critics alleging fraudulent degrees. Some view these attacks as a result of personal rivalries or a broader campaign against women in top positions.

In response, women’s groups and activists gathered in solidarity with the Foreign Minister-designate to demand equal opportunities and address gender equality. The postponement of the confirmation hearing has sparked a discussion on the challenges that women face when pursuing leadership positions and highlighted the biases that still exist in society.

Supporters of Beysolow Nyanti remain committed to their cause and plan to assemble again today for the hearing, emphasizing the need for a fair and unbiased process.


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