Liberia: Pres. Boakai’s Nominee for Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia Debunks Fake Postings On Made-Up Facebook Page

Monrovia — Col. Davidson T. Forleh, President Joseph Boakai’s nominee as the next Chief of Staff of the Liberian Army has taken aback to what he describes as a hack job by unknown forces trying to ruin his reputation.

Speaking to FrontPageAfrica at the weekend, Col. Forleh, who replaces Maj. General Prince Johnson, recently nominated by the President as Minister of National Defense, says he was made aware shortly after his appointment that someone had created a fake Facebook page with messages suggesting that he was an active supporter of President Joseph Boakai with made-up political messages from the 2023 elections.

The fake posts sought to suggest that Col. Forleh was in breach of the Elections Code of Conduct for the Armed Forces of Liberia which states: As a member of the AFL, you are free to vote if you have registered to do so. You will cast your vote in civilian dress within the stipulated time of voting declared by NEC. AFL personnel and affiliated civilian officials shall not be seen in uniform of any political party, rally, or activity. No member of the AFL is allowed to serve as bodyguard/security to any aspirant or political party member.

The page carries the name Davidson Fayiah Forleh while Col. Forleh’s actual page carries the name Kala-David Son.

Col. Forleh says since his appointment, he has been receiving calls and messages from friends and colleagues drawing his attention to a Facebook page and profile registered in the name, DAVIDSON FAYIAH FORLEH, and bearing my photos as profile and cover photos. “This page has been used to make political posts for the obvious reason of portraying me as partisan. For the record, that page is not mine, it is fake, it does not represent me, and I am shocked to know it even exists.”

Col Forleh continued: “My verified Facebook page is “KALA-David Son” which I encourage everyone to find. Somebody out there with selfish motives sat behind a keyboard and computer or a smartphone and set out to damage my hard-earned reputation as a professional soldier and gentlemen.”

Added Col. Forleh: “The AFL is a “Force for good” and will remain so. That slogan reminds us to be model citizens and non-partisan with strict adherence to professionalism. My 17 years of distinguished military service is a testament to my adherence to this slogan.


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