East Africa: Soldiers Trained in Eritrean Stage Mutiny in Bosaso Over Unpaid Salaries

Bosaso, Somalia — Somali soldiers trained in Eritrea today closed the roads around the main airport in Bosaso city, complaining of lack of salary.

After they were brought back to the country a few months ago, the soldiers went to Garowe and Bosaso, joining the Puntland maritime police funded by the UAE.

Today, the soldiers took control of the entrance to the airport in Bosaso, where they imposed a blockade against the movement of Bosaso airport.

The mutiny coincided with an explosion in Bosaso town today, according to reports, an officer of the Puntland army, his bodyguards, and civilians were injured.

The commander’s car was bombed by a land mine. It is not known who is behind the blast, although the recent bombings in Bosaso city were claimed by Al-Shabaab.

The security of Bosaso is being threatened by Al-Shabaab and ISIS with police saying that they are taking security measures to fight against the militant groups.


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