Liberia: Pepsi Rubbishes EPS Director Gaye’s Red Alert

The former head of LACE, Yeke Quiwo, alias Pepsi Yeke has swiftly rubbished a red alert issued against him by Executive Protection Service (EPS) Director Sam Gaye describing the move as a demonstration of sheer incompetence.

On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, EPS Director Gaye issued a press release declaring Pepsi Yeke wanted for illegal possession of an EPS Norinco 22 pistol with serial number 97344.

“Any law enforcement officer that comes in contact with Pepsi Yeke should have him immediately arrested, detained and then contact the Executive Protection Service (EPS),” Gaye wrote adding “Yeke is armed and dangerous.”

But in his swift response, which was also shared on his social media handle, Pepsi Yeke asked that Gaye seeks guidance from his predecessors rather than flaunting his ignorance.

Pesi Yeke wrote in his statement:

“Mr. Gaye,

If you’re incapable of understanding the task at hand, seek guidance from your former colleagues rather than flaunting your ignorance. To date, I have not received a formal request for the EPS weapon legally assigned to me, yet you rashly label me as armed and dangerous.

Your sheer incompetence in adhering to procedures has not only led you to behave like a maniac but also to publicly demonstrate your inability to handle even the simplest of tasks. If you lack the capacity, rest assured I do not; submit an official request and follow the proper procedure for EPS weapon turnover to ensure meticulous documentation.

Your failure to fulfill your duties not only reflects poorly on yourself but also on the integrity of the Boakai government. What justification do you have for baselessly branding me as armed and dangerous? It seems you have arrived at your new assignment with a personal vendetta against Pepci Yeke.

I consider this as a threat on my life and is asking you to retrieve your statement within 24hrs and follow the proper procedure.”


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