Kenya: Man Wanted in US for Killing His Girlfriend Escapes From Custody in Kenya

Nairobi — A Kenyan man wanted in the US for allegedly killing his girlfriend has escaped from custody where he was awaiting extradition.

Kevin Adam Kinyanjui literally ran from Muthaiga Police Station on Wednesday when he was allowed to speak to his lawyer outside the cells.

Reports indicate that he literally fled and boarded a matatu nearby and police officers giving a chase could not catch up with him.

His lawyer and four police officers who were on duty were immediately arrested as a search for his whereabouts got underway.

Kengethe is wanted in a Massachusetts court which issued a warrant for him for murdering his girlfriend American citizen Margaret Mbitu on October 31, 2023 and dumping her body in a car at the Boston airport where it was found.

He was arrested in Westlands on January 30, 2023 after being on the run for months and was awaiting a court ruling on his extradition.

“This is embarrassing,” said Nairobi Police Chief Adamson Bungei, we have arrested the four officers who were on duty when he escaped to explain how this happened and we are looking for him,” he said.

When he was arraigned in court on January 31, 2023, police applied and were allowed to detain him for a month pending the extradition court process despite.

He was due back in court on February 9.

When he appeared in court, documents tabled showed he had denounced his American citizenship.

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