Namibia: Rainstorm Damages Bethanie Homes

Several houses at Bethanie, a village in the //Kharas region, were damaged during a rainstorm last week.

Village resident Marcelle Pienaar (49), who owns a two-bedroom house, says she had to rush home from Windhoek on Friday after the roof of her house was blown off by the storm.

She says her house was occupied by her tenants at the time, but fortunately no one was injured.

“I feel terrible about the situation. It happened amid my circumstances – my illness and being a single mother. This was something I least expected,” Pienaar said on Tuesday.

She said it came as a shock since it hardly rains at Bethanie.

Pienaar said she has not been able to repair the damage and her tenants had to find an alternative place to stay.

Hulda Ludwig (60) says the roof of her two-bedroom house was also damaged by the storm.

She says she hid in one of the bedrooms with her children during the event.

“I was scared and feared that the iron poles would fall on me,” Ludwig said on Tuesday.

She said although they got wet, no one was injured.

The rain also damaged one of their cupboards and a bed, which the family repaired themselves.

The roof was repaired with wire, Ludwig said.

“From the looks of it, we do not know whether what we have fixed will help us when another storm comes,” she said.

Due to financial constraints, she cannot properly repair the damage and requests the public for assistance.

“No one works in our house… I would appreciate it if someone could assist by repairing the roof or just providing corrugated iron,” she said.

The chairperson of the Bethanie Village Council, Diedrik Frederick, on Tuesday said the village council is not in a position to assist those affected.

“Bethanie Village Council is in a very awkward position. Sometimes it is getting hard to give salaries to the people, but maybe we can shake hands and ask or send out a request somewhere else.

“If we cannot source from the council itself, there are always possibilities,” he said.

Frederick said the council has to apply for assistance.

“But in my understanding, we cannot go in as long as initiative is not taken by the owner to come to the village council,” he said.

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