Somalia: Blast and Murder Reported in Somalia’s Bosaso Port City

Bosaso, Somalia — The reports from the northeastern port city of Bosaso in Puntland state indicate that a small business owner was shot dead last night by assailants.

The security officials in the city confirmed the gunmen escaped from the scene after killing the trader who hails from the Southwest State of Somalia. The motive remains unclear.

In a separate incident, a grenade was hurled at the house of Puntland security minister Ibrahim Artan, causing no casualties, according to the police in the Gulf of Aden city.

In the past few months, Bosaso has witnessed a series of blasts and assassinations targeting security officials and local administration members as well the businesses.

The Al-Qaeda-led Al-Shabaab and ISIS have bases in the mountains of Bari region, where they orchestrate attacks in Bosaso, where they impose tax on the businesses.


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