Kenya: Govt Mulling Tax Review On Sporting Equipment – Mudavadi

Nairobi — The government will consider reviewing the tax structure for sports equipment to ensure the accessibility and affordability of sporting tools.

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi hinted at this move, emphasizing its potential to encourage more Kenyans to participate in sports, particularly the youth, as a viable source of livelihood and investment.

“As government, our aim is to improve the policies governing sports and the arts, recognizing their significance as sources of income and investment, especially for the youth,” he said.

Speaking at the prize-giving ceremony for the winners of the just concluded 2024 Magical Kenya Ladies Open European Golf Tournament at Vipingo Ridge in Kilifi County, Mudavadi noted that sports should no longer be viewed as exclusive to the elite but rather as a venture accessible to all.

He challenged the perception that certain sports, such as golf, are reserved for the elite.

“We must dispel the notion that sports like golf are exclusively for the elite. Talents abound across all levels of society, and it is our responsibility as a government to ensure that sporting endeavors are within reach for everyone, regardless of their background,” he emphasized.

The prime CS also commended the organizers and sponsors of the tournament for choosing Vipingo Ridge Golf Course, noting that the synergy between sports and tourism, contributes greatly to Kenya’s economic growth.

“Beyond the competition itself, events like this showcase Kenya’s beauty to the world, attracting visitors and revenue to our country,” stated Mudavadi.

He added that such tournaments play a crucial role in promoting social and economic transformation that aligns with the government’s Bottom-up Transformation Agenda (BETA).

“This event is taking place in a global environment that is full of conflicts and challenges, but back home here in Kenya everything is calm. This calls for all of us to ponder on the centres and nations that are experiencing conflict, humanitarian crises and appreciate the value of peace,” he said.

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