The World’s Oldest and Most Prestigious Programming Contest “International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) World Finals 2023 Hosted by AASTMT” is Happening in Luxor with Huawei as the Diamond Sponsor

Egypt: FM Phones U.S. State Secretary On Middle East Developments

Egypt: President El-Sisi & King of Jordan Abdullah II Exchange Eid Greetings

Egypt Continues Its Daily Airdrops of Humanitarian Aid Into Gaza

Egyptian President Sisi Sworn in for Third Term

Egypt: President El-Sisi Takes Constitutional Oath for New Presidential Term

Egypt: Ministry of Agriculture Denies News of Deadly Virus Affecting Poultry

Egypt: UN’s Guterres Begins Solidarity Mission to Egypt and Jordan Amid Regional Crises

Egypt: President El-Sisi Meets U.S. Secretary of State

Egypt: EU to Provide Egypt $8.06 Billion Funding Package

Egypt: EU Deal With Egypt Rewards Authoritarianism, Betrays ‘Eu Values’

Uganda: Special Envoy for Sudan Perriello Travels to Uganda, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates

Egypt: Infographic… an Unprecedented Breakthrough in Enhancing Egyptian Women Statue in All Sectors

Egypt: President El – Sisi Receives Chairman of Sudan’s TSC

Egypt: Cabinet Decides to Stop Power Cuts in Ramadan

Egypt to Build Logistics Corridor in Tanzania

Egypt: Cabinet Okays Egypt’s Accession to Feda

Egypt Approves Largest Direct Investment Deal in Partnership With Major Entities