ECA’s executive secretary asks Africa to seek new sectors under AfCFTA to industrialize and create jobs UNECA The executive secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), Vera Songwe, said today while the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA ) come into operation next year, continent must find new sectors and the skills needed to satisfy industrialization to satisfy the pursuit of its youth. Read more “

Addis Ababa – Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa (USA) Vera Songwe said today that as the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) enters into operation next year, the continent must find new sectors and the skills needed to deliver industrialization. satisfying the aspirations of his youth.

Me. Songwe said during the opening of the Africa Industrialization Week (AIW) of the year that the theme is inclusive and sustainable industrialization in the era of the AfCFTA, the continent must diversify into manufacturing, processing and developing small and medium enterprises to liver. the work required for the youth.

“Africa has no choice but to think about how we can grow together, how we can grow better and ensure that we create jobs for our youth,” she said.

At least 13 million jobs will have to be provided in the next year alone and 170 million by 2030 if the continent is to achieve the development goals, with the production of the backbone, especially in countries with a high labor ratio.

The service sector can also grow and prosper, Ms Songwe said, especially as it becomes an important contribution to manufacturing.

She also called for the education and vocational training systems to be reviewed “to ensure that the kind of human capacity we employ is the kind of human capacity we need and need to stand up as a strong industrialization sector.”

Today with COVID-19 many of our youth are no longer in school, many of our youth are not well trained; “Many of our youth who are trained are not trained in the enterprises and the areas in which they are needed,” she said. Songwe said.

There should also be a focus on the small and small SMEs run by women to have a globally competitive regulatory framework that enables them to work in an efficient, effective and economically competitive way, she said.

In a joint statement commemorating this week, the ECA, with partners from the African Union (AU) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), said the AfCFTA negotiations would begin in a few weeks is a market of about US $ 3 billion and a consumer base of 1.3 billion will appear on the continent with a huge opportunity for African industries.


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