South Africa wins COSAFA qualifiers for Total U-17 AFCON, Morocco 2021!

South Africa won the winner’s trophy at the COSAFA qualifier for TOTAL U-17 AFCON, Morocco 2021 to win the regional title in this age group for the first time since 2002.

South Africa defeated Zambia 4-2 with penalty kicks after a 1-1 draw in Nelson Mandela Bay to celebrate the wild scenes.

Both sides have already qualified for the continental finals in Morocco, which would be an important goal before the tournament, but Zambia will have to finish with the silver medal after losing the elimination.

South Africa also extends their record number of victories in the competition to three, one more than the Zambians.

Zambia took the early lead in the final when they were awarded a penalty kick by Joseph Banda, who conceded his fifth goal of the competition.

But South Africa won a header of their own on the other side and Thabang Mahlangu leveled matters for the host.

There were a number of chances on both sides in memory of the match, but the match came to penalties and when South African goalkeeper Enrique Erasmus saved two shots, he led his team to victory.

Earlier, Angola snatched the bronze medal when they defeated Malawi 2-1 in the play-offs in third place.

Things started brightly for Malawi when Andrew Lameck gave them the lead within a minute.

But Angola gradually grew in the game and when Jeremias Kossi and Custódio Hequele conceded, the latter grabbing a fourth goal of the competition, they were able to achieve the victory.

South African Mduduzi Shabalala has been named Player of the Tournament, while Banda has won the Golden Boot for his five goals.

The golden glove for best goalkeeper was won by Eric Makungu, the Zambians, who consistently made a number of excellent saves. Zambia also claimed the Fair Play award.

Meanwhile, Banda and Shabalala were also selected to travel to Spain in a one-off opportunity to see the standard of professional play in that country.

LaLiga gives the duo the chance to experience the rich football culture in one of the world’s biggest football countries early next year.

The two boys were selected by the Technical Study Group during the tournament to train with teams in Spain, capture the country’s attractions and sounds and, if they wish, COVID-19, tackle a LaLiga match.

LaLiga offered the same opportunity to two girls from the recent COSAFA Women’s Under-17 Championship, with Zambian Tisilile Lungu and South Africa Jessica Wade.

COSAFA recently signed a memorandum of understanding with LaLiga that will allow them to collaborate on a number of exciting initiatives over the next few years.


Third place playoff game

Angola 2 (Kossi 9 ‘, Hequele 41’) Malawi 1 (Lameck 1 ‘)


Zambia 1 (Banda 2’pen) South Africa 1 (Mahlangu 14’pen)

South Africa wins 4-2 on penalties



Zambia 3 3 0 0 9 3 6 9

South Africa 3 1 1 1 4 4 0 4

Angola 3 1 0 2 9 5 4 3

Malawi 3 0 1 2 5 15 -10 1


Games Played: 8

Goals achieved: 32

Biggest win: Malawi 1 Angola 7 (November 26)

Most goals in a match: 8 – Zambia 6 Malawi 2 (November 24); Malawi 1 Angola 7 (26 November)


5 goals – Joseph Banda (Zambia)

4 – Custodio Hequele (Angola)

2 – Jeremias Kossi (Angola), Thabang Mahlangu (South Africa), Chifundo Mphasi (Malawi), Charles Mumba (Zambia), Rickson Ng’ambi (Zambia), Mduduzi Shabalala (South Africa), Samson Zakeyu (Malawi)

1 – Stevie Banda (Malawi), Armindo Canji (Angola), Alexandre Cucao (Angola), Vicente Domingos (Angola), Keaviano Francis (South Africa), Osvaldo Inga (Angola), Teddy Khumalo (Zambia), Andrew Lameck (Malawi) ), Antonio Lopes (Angola)


South Africa s adjuge the title

L’Afrique du Sud ‘reported the 2020 edition of the COSAFA U17 championship on Sunday at Gelvandale Stadion. The Amajita beat the Young Chipopolos in the 4-2 tie on Tuesday. The score was 1-1 at the end of the regular season.

Zambia, however, has launched its title campaign. The Zambians opened the scoring with a 2minute thanks to the inevitable Joseph Banda on penalties elsewhere. Thabang Mahlangu responded with a penalty just before the quarter of an hour.

It will finally be in the Tuesday session but the destination of the two formations will have to be played. More adroit in this practice, the South Africans will only convert four opportunities against two for the Zambians, skitterende as well as the title.

As its last group match, Angola won the best in Malawi. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. The Angolans were forced 2-1 to settle on the third march of the podium. A small lot of consolation for this formation which also looks Custadio Hequele figures among the best scorers in the competition with its four units.

LaLiga chooses Mduduzi and Banda

Everything was well set up for the Young Flames who opened the scoring. Andrew Lameck also showed the example to his partners. But Malawi is recovering quickly in its traverses and was surprised a few minutes later by Kossi’s goal. Haquele obtained the bronze medal in allowing Angola to pass just before the half-time.

Mduduzi Shabalala and Joseph Banda are the two players who will lead in Spain in accordance with the agreement between COSAFA and LaLiga. South Africa and Zambia return to the Iberian Peninsula to debut in 2021 to discover a rich football culture and one of the great nations of football. They both praised their class during this campaign.

The happy vines will train with several Spanish formations, will impregnate the culture of the country and its peculiarities and will assist in a meeting of the League, if necessary the sanitary situation will improve.

The League offers the same opportunity to two girls issues of the recent female championship of at least 17 years of the COSAFA. The Zambienne Tisilile Lungu and the South African Jessica Wade were chosen for this trip.

Giet rappel, COSAFA recently signed an agreement with LaLiga. This agreement will be joined by both parties to a certain number of exciting initiatives over the next few years.


Africa from its future Zambia and conquest COSAFA-2020!

The Sub-17 National Football Team Selection of Africa from The Conquest is this domino, its third title, in the VIII edition of the Council of Football Associations of Australia (COSAFA), to advance to the Gelvandale Stadium, so similar to Zambia, by 4-2, did not miss the big penalties lottery, since he had a ball at the regular time. Joseph Banda (3´) scored for the Zambian lad, while Thabang Mahlangu scored for the South African lad.

In the case of the Mozambican doubles, Venestâncio Tomás Cossa and Artur Adriano Alfinar were named to lead this game after the fact of the opening of the tournament, after which they were selected by Angola and Zambia.

After watching a minute of silence in honor of the ex-football player, Diego Armando Maradona, who lost his life in the quarterfinals, in Zambia surpassed in Africa by Sul with a big goal, followed by a conversion of a big penalty for Joseph Banda, who ended up trying as the top scorer of the tournament with a total of four goals. The empathetic goal of “Amajimbo”, some of the selection on the South African surgeon at minute 15, curiously after the cobblestone of a great penalty to pass of minute 15.

And here is the lottery for the big penalties that were decided on in the 2020 championship. are not allowed to mark Zambia on their occasions.

The award ceremony for the awards took place with the honorary participation of Timothy Shongwe, representing COSAFA, Gladwyn White, member of the South African Football Federation, Andrew Kamanga (executive member of COSAFA) and other league figures from Nelson Mandela Bay.

In the category of individual prizes Mduduzi Shabalala, from Africa of the South chose the player of the tournament, in addition to the fact that our figure with Joseph Banda (Zâmbia). Zambia’s Eric Makungu, spokesman for Zambia, was pleased to announce the best spokesman for his former colleague, Iford Mwale. The fair-play prize acabou sent attribute to the representatives of Zambia.

Meanwhile, Joseph Banda (Zambia) and Mduduzi Shabalala (Africa do Sul) were trained to follow in Spain, at the beginning of 2021, we can observe train sessions in elite clubs, learn European football culture and, possibly, event organized by LaLiga.

This act is enclosed by a memorandum of understanding submitted between COSAFA and LaLiga, a responsive event for Spanish champions.

Finalists’ facts and events

Note that in its course, the Zambia initiated its defense of the invented title. In the first challenge, the Zambian national team supported the Angolan formation by 2-1, despite the second draw against Malawi by 6-2. In the third and final day of the season, we will have to face Africa from the South for a 2-1 draw.

Yes to the South Africans, who agreed to open a free draw to Zambia (1-0), win the World Cup in the inaugural World Cup in Malawi (2-2) and take the leading Angolan Cup (2-1), in the second round .

It is worth noting that the African Football Confederation (CAF) has unilaterally decided to disqualify teams from Botswana, Ilhas Comores, Eswatini and Zimbabwe from the Champions League for their adulthood in the biological life of some athletes.

Two representatives of the zone in the CAN of Morocco

This event serves zone qualifications for the African National Championships (CAN) our scales sub-17 and 20, a system that was introduced by the African Football Confederation (CAF) to guarantee that all six of our final zones are represented. As Angola and Zambia guarantee we will have our presence at CAN, which will take place in Morocco in 2021.

Africa of the South has been the most successful team in the history of COSAFA’s Sub-17 Championship, having won two of our medals (1994 and 2002), four of them (2001/7/16/18).

Recognize that in Africa do Sul is one of two unique countries representing COSAFA, sent elsewhere in Malawi, to begin to qualify for the World Cup category that will take place in 2015, in Chile.

The maximum that the team consults in its participation is an empathy for a ball (1-1), diante da Correia do Norte. The team is struggling with a Costa Rican 2-1 draw, and will not lose a game to Russia 2-0.

Angola revalida “bronze”

The Angolan selection, by signal to the only representative of the African Country of Portuguese Linguistics (PALOP), won a bronze medal, in the second half, when the Swede won 5-0, in the final match in Blantyre, Malawi .

Consequently, the “Palanquinhas”, we will win today, to give Malawi a 2-1 victory, no challenge referring to the allotment of a lie, thanks to goals from Jeremias Kossi (9ac) and the striker from August 1, Custódio Hequele ( 41´), this is the end of the total quantity of quatro golos marcados.

Lembrar que foi com o mesmo adversário, que os angolanos golearam por 7-1, na terceira jornada deste torneio. Apparently, it was a result that even the same team of Domingos Silva, in the third position with three points of no service, showed that the distance to the final yes was a fact. The same scenario is verified with Malawi.

As far as we know, the Angolan Sacraments will be the champions, in 2018, the tournament will take place in Mauritius, we will also guarantee automatic qualification for the African National Championships (CAN) held in Tanzania in April 2019. We will finish the third allowed to qualify for the World Cup which took place in Brazil, did not pass.


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