Namibia: Govt Will Not Starve Opposition Strongholds

President Hage Geingob has congratulated opposition parties who performed relatively well during the just ended regional council and local authority elections, saying his party was ready to work with them.

The ruling Swapo failed to retain control of over 30 towns and village councils across the country, including economic hubs such as Windhoek, Oranjemund, L├╝deritz, Swakopmund, and Walvis Bay mainly to two opposition parties – the Independent Patriots for Change and the Landless People’s Movement.

“We are building the nation. We have heard the people. As you can see the election results are out. We were taught lessons in cities. But as a democrat, we… Swapo accepted the outcome. We didn’t go to the courts. Otherwise, it could be court cases now. We are not happy, but we are democrats, and we are saying congratulations to those who were elected,” Geingob said yesterday during Cabinet retreat in the capital.

The head of state also used the platform to rubbish allegations that the Swapo-led central government would starve opposition-controlled councils.

“And contrary to rumours being said that we are going to punish you by not giving you money or something, that is not Swapo government. We are here to serve the Namibian people. Let us work, you made promises, its good to be that side. I will work with you and I will support you. Good luck,” he clarified.

According to him, those elected to leadership positions should now deliver on the promises they sold to the people during their political campaigns.

He said during the two elections held in the space of 12 months, the Namibian people have spoken, and they have asked them to do more with the mandate they have entrusted to

“We have heard them, and we will therefore have to govern in a more responsive manner, so as to achieve the desired results. Although governance often requires the convergence of a myriad of interests, our ultimate objective should be the development of a united nation, characterized by shared prosperity. We have all answered the call to serve in challenging and unprecedented times,” the President stated.

He said his bottom line, as a politician is unity, peace and development.


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